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Section 4

mp3 excerpt : Father Richard MacKay talks about deportation as practiced in the UK. Here are my preparations for an exhibition on section 4, failed asylum. Feel free to join in :) STILL TO PRINT: Father McKay Labels for recordings World Map (and pins) Failed Asylum Snakes and Ladders Letter for Co-op on the triangle. Copyright document: The material in this collection is licensed under a Creative Commons By-Nc-Sa license. This entitles re-use of all material donated for further work, as long as it is attributed to "Section 4" and used for non-commercial purposes. Any other uses will require contact with the original author, via the exhibition organiser, Alejandro Fernandez, 12 Bruce Avenue, Bristol. By submitting material for this exhibition, you are agreeing to put your contributions under this license. I agree [ ] I wish to remain anonymous [ ] Signature Call montpelier health centre, ask for -