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Freedom and Responsibility - a song for A lot of talk around the internet about the censorship problem. A few thoughts: It just occurred to me that from a buddhist point of view, no-one can rightly say "We are not evil" - like a lot of these new copyleftish companies are doing. No one is intrinsically good and unable to do something bad. We all have all those things. But saying "do no evil" is a bit of a christian or at least western block in morality - as if evil was something you were always conscious of. We are living under a lot of different prejudices at any one time: a colleague of mine who grew up under apartheid in south africa never knew that it was wrong until she visited the UK and found people mixing between races. Our weapon against this is taking responsibility and confronting these prejudices when they become apparent, but crucially making sure they can be apparent. Also,

Bluetooth art

Wireless Application Programming with J2ME and Bluetooth Ok so it's possible to make bluetooth stuff I think with java, that you then load on your phone and can use to go around doing damage to other people's phones - But this is sooo unimaginative. Here is a braindump of ideas - the end idea being of being able to use this stuff for arts: For ages I imagined a way of talking that was like extended quick bluejacking. I thought I'd use it to find things out without talking to anyone - it would be about quickly noting metadata to do with a place or time or day, and sharing only that, automatically. It would be all about the social side of it - how much do you feel comfortable sharing with strangers, and how do you create social contact in spaces where that never happens? The interface should be simple and people should want to do it. Here's a similar thing Another network idea could

Death of Derek and Vocals thru the post

this is not the file I am looking for...I know its around the studio somewhere...but the Last Rose of Summer is a great song.... Jaff! Message from Jaff, from ccMixter - Here are some thoughts as I listen to the files as they come through. This is a collaboration with some singer I've never met, whose brother posted samples of her voice which I used in a track . Planning to do some mixing of "Last Rose" - hoping it's their own composition! I imagine a crazed improv noise madness session playing behind it... I love soprano voices... Sorry to see Derek Bailey go. He was in Barcelona, where I once thought I'd return to start loads of impro stuff. We have to be a new generation with this stuff. Mr Bailey had already improvised with and anything and anyone that took his fancy, we have to take this stuff now and use it in our work, taking it to a whole new level. We can mix his and his contemporaries' theories on chance meetings and unpreparedness, his approach t