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Procomuns refugee fund talk

This is a slightly extended write up of a lightning talk entitled " Creating a fair market and a fund for refugees" which I gave at in Barcelona, March 2016 When a person arrives in a new place, seen from a P2P perspective of a node, a network  of relationships an d connections to people and concepts so beautifully depicted in the myth of I ndra's net. When people move around then, they are a mix of slowly fading and recombining connections to experience, knowledge, and culture, plus their long distance relationships . If not cultivated the se connections to the past fade, as new connections or knowledge are gained in the new setting. I am A le and I work at F air C oop , wh ere we are working to create an alternative economic system that is more democratic, ecological and . .. fair! I arrived in Europe as a child, a refugee of the Pinochet dictatorship, in 1974; we were some of the first to leave Chile and there was