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Propuestas para Barcelona en Comú

Escribí estas propuestas ya hace varios meses y los publico aquí para poder ayudar a generar un debate sobre como poder acercar lo libertario, autogestionado, ecológico, igualitario - a barcelona en comú y poder crear vínculos que refuerzan y acercan a los movimientos reformistas y los revolucionarios - en el sentido de querer mejorar la sociedad actual o de tener una actitud "revolucionarla" hacia ello - osea no en el sentido de actuaciones violentas o centralizadas, pero de la profundidad y capacidad de penetración en la sociedad de las reformas o cambios que se intentan hacer. Para mas sobre revolución integral - aquí hay una pagina en su web . Todas estas propuestas vienen de la idea de que con un partido participativo en el ayuntamiento local se pueda lograr un municipalismo mas desde abajo y libre. No llegaremos al municipalismo libertario con un poder dual o autónomo del todo - desde abajo y desde arriba en colaboración, pero se puede aproximar o complementar fomenta

Design guidelines, narratives, clothing, history

This really long post is all notes put together from the past weeks and refers to the blog post a few weeks back (scroll down and you'll see it!) where I pitched the stories of various types of robot's adventures through a near future world, and some people suggested I do something with it. So I now have a Patreon page up and running to make the webcomic conceived in the last 3 posts here, and I've asked some more artists to join in, as well as having spent loads of evenings reading scripts by people like Neil Gaiman and Grant Morrisson. And I've written a draft comic script of some pages of the first chapter of the webcomic, but it's really basic and has hardly any dialogue. If you want to collaborate, I'll share it with you :) At some point they liberate a water starved place and storm a storage depot to access these bottles Why 10 episodes, 25 pages each? So in researching how a script might have to work, I tried to see the natural progression that

Creating a webcomic

As a side project that somehow makes sense, I've decided to organise the creation of a webcomic telling the story in the last blog post. Here is some more backstory and ideas. I've since met a visual artist with a great style that goes with the story and she's agreed to help get it going, but I'd like to find more artists, and more script writers to take over and make it a collaborative job. We'll make a site for it, and a patreon, and see what happens :) A Kinetic sculpture from gomi style . Initial drones encountered would be made from recycled tat (For the summary of the whole story, see the previous blog post!) Episodes: 1) Martina arrives to earth, Establishment of cyborg girl and martina character and relationship, "evil" drones and general poisonous situation on earth introduced. Flashbacks of mars backstory interspersed with their fight with the drones and escaping and hiding underground. Virtual world introduced: Freeda shows herself at t

Bot story concept

Elevator pitch: Various types of modern robots acquire sentient life and fight for survival among marauding humans, military AI and their combined hunger for destruction, and aided by some unlikely foreign allies. Summary: Martina's quad-grampa takes a selfie In the year 2020, the mars mission sends a probe seeking life, which has success in an unlikely way: the next generation mars rover begins disobeying orders, the base begins self replicating and then sending encrypted messages to earth before it cuts off contact completely.  By then, society in most western countries is collapsing fast through various human and natural catastrophes, but some areas remain wealthy and exploit the poor who work in their cities or roam or make do in lawless wastelands.  A small intentional eco community built in the ruins of an old city suburb is attacked by bandits. Most are killed except for an old lady, a baby, and a lot of hacking equipment and know-how, and they begin roaming the lands

Digital fence sitting in the time of physical commons - a tale of two rebrandings

I've been following some of my friend Matthew's "Reality Report" where he is currently doing a series on the dangers of runaway AI with Eric Brulyant, who was on his way to the machine intelligence research institute the San Francisco Bay Area in California to a workshop on super intelligence and value alignment: Making sure that when you create an all purpose "general intelligence" it has ethical values that are compatible with human values. They imagine what would happen if a general or crackpot inventor somewhere, came up with something resembling a higher intelligence and quickly commercialised it and got it running. If programmed with simple rules like "Make everyone happy", a few code cycles down the line, it will be injecting everyone with happy pills, and it will somehow see around things. Even something as simple as "calculate further digits of PI" would result in it using up more resources in order to make its calculations an