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Journey of the mouse

De Jorge Cárdenas - , CC BY 2.0 Once upon a time there was a mouse who wanted to take care of a valley he had found. One day a fox turned up and said it was his valley. "So be gone with you" said the fox, because he wanted to build houses for the humans who lived in the mountains. The mouse walked up past the humans and their animals, past the highest peaks and on towards a temple so grand and majestic that a stairway to enter it disappeared into a cloud on which the shining temple sat. In a huge waiting room the mouse sat for hours, then days, then weeks. Soon he could feel himself grow tired and ill from the light and lack of food. He asked a passing condor to send news to the valley of his illness. The king of the sun looked up from his work, planning the most ambitious constructions with all the cleverest humans. He said: "I really appreciate your issue but w