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Showing posts from September, 2009

Where's the Salad?

A while ago, I put on an event in which people from Bristol grew and made a salad , based on Alison Knowle's " Proposition No 2 ": It was very nice, and I made a preparatory video: as well as there being a radio interview and a sound art play with radio and some homemade chopping noises(with poet Andres Andwadter ), lots of photos of the event itself and some graphics about it. But I want to make this, as well as more audio, this time of the live chopping duet between lollorosso and improvising trio, into a video and tell the story that way. So I'm really sorry, but it's going to take me a while. It was an incredible experience, and thanks to all who came, and to the better food company who gave us loads of tasty tomatos and lettuce. And to everyone else who brought us salad!

A list of future physical/virtual computing arts projects

I have to write up so much from recent events, but as usual at these times, my head is buzzing with ideas for other stuff to do next (all based on a long weekend of messing with arduinos, robotics, Puredata and Max/MSP), so I thought it best to document that first. So. I would like to make: An enactment of a score I wrote a long time ago, involving dancers/actors performing with a box, that follows different parameters based on what stage the performance is at. It would be a black box, interacting with the movement and words only through sound. It would be capable of "jamming" or following music in some way or other . (Link suggested by Mat) A dance based implementation of the MaxMSP script that my friend Mat quickly put together last weekend, which allows webcams to interpret visual data as audio samples(more on that in the next post). I want to invite a duet of dancers to perform with this webcam audio, in December, but mostly scriptless, just a result of trying things out

A tree spirit for Opensim / Burning Life

I want to make a self replicating distributed bot + attachment system, which is coupled with a physical computing version of itself which my friend Mat Dalgliesh is making as a physical creation. Here is the spec: The tree idea is a reflection of a physical computing tree, created using arduinos, sensors and motors. Leaves are attachments with a built in fall script. When they fall, they slowly degrade, becoming darker until they become a particle effect and delete themselves. New leaves take donations from users. If they get donations, they grow bigger and live longer. They pass this donation to the trunk who divides it around the rest of the plant. Here is a little bit of a proto-leafgen script: // Rez an object on touch, with relative position, rotation, and velocity all described in the rezzing prim's coordinate system. string object = "Leaf"; // Name of object in inventory vector relativePosOffset = <2.0,>; // "Forward" and a little "above"