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The State of Fluxus day 2

No time just now! Lots of commentary on fluxus today, flux sports, how to put on a fluxus event, and random natter, but later. For now, just the pics - as they are so in demand! A really nice score, performed on the Monday, when I wasn't around I think... Or was it for the piano recital? All the budding fluxus stars, awaiting our first concert, day 1 Tools of the trade Group photo, before the salad The string quartet performs while the audience throw a big ball up in the air, and chopping sounds begin... Bowls and rakes, still life And finally, our name in lights, in the corner of the big poster... Lots more of these on faecebook, slowly appearing here and there...

The state of Fluxus, Day 1

This weekend I went back to what I did a few months back , and went down to the Tate Modern all the way from Bristol, to play (very little) crazy music and perform in front of loads of people in London. Last time we were on Millennium Bridge, which (to explain for the non-londoner) is a very narrow bridge which gets swamped around 4pm on a Friday afternoon, by commuters going both ways. We were there lined up with loads of loud and eccentric instruments, in t-shirts and responding to a conductor, and to an orchestra by the Tate, and a boat with lots of improvising musicians (Evan Parker included, who is now coming to the Cube Cinema in June) playing samples of maritime, Thames noises - boats, seagulls, and some of the most complicated classical as well as improvised and participatory music that was a beautiful tribute to that space. This time for us performers it was a 4 day experience - 2 days rehearsal, and 2 of performance, with some of the surviving masters of the Fluxus time, sti

Eduserv Symposium 2008

I came to attend this symposium out of the blue, having seen an email late one Wednesday afternoon, saying our assistant director was too ill to go, and after a quick look at the programme, I realised it was a follow-up to an event I'd seen on video a while back where an entire conference on Second Life had been trashed by a talk which had argued it was all pretty much useless hype. So if this year's presentations were going to be in that vein, it sounded like like a fun time. This being a web 2 conference, lots of it was used, including a live chat backchannel ( powered by cover it live streaming software: ), a ning based conference centred social networking site (which as expected didn't achieve critical mass but was a nice feature all the same), and of course lots lots more. Eduserv's Andy Powell started the day talking about these "Disruptive technologies" we know so