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Bluetooth Mindboggles

Bluetooth FAQ My only thought (one track mind) just now is how to make a bluetooth application that ran a grid over mobile phones? It would grow dynamically across any installed clients it found. You could copy in anything, and it would have metadata for that stuff. If it found a phone capable of point to multipoint, it would send all to everything around it, and it would allow things to be informally shared perhaps in various levels of secrecy, but also with various levels of social comfort: If you were in a public space you could set your phone to something like "contactable" or "surprise me!" and this would get you everything passing by on the other phones. Animations, texts, pictures, videos, ringtones and combinations of these would be the easiest things to transfer. You might choose to keep a record of what you got, and inspect it later or search. This could be good for social purposes. If you were in a conference, you might wish to reveal more, such as work

Candle based small heater

If only people like this could open their business and get a web designer in too!

Weaving grid computing into the Net | Tech News on ZDNet

Weaving grid computing into the Net - article about possible union of business and scientific grids. Mentions what may be a very interesting paper to read... Explaining some of the background to SL's grid based client/server system amongst others. Massive centralisation of object data means when you get into the world all you have is IDs for objects. Your client then has to query the central db for the rendering data to all these objects even if you created them yourself. But how could any other kind of setup allow people to relate to the real world? For example, an online world where objects were only there while their client was connected to the grid, so where client software was responsable for storing data too, a bit like with some more distributed p2p clients. It would perhaps match buddhist thought - that each person is a protagonist and creator of their own environment through past causes they made. In