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Democracy 1, Nazism 0

I wonder what image of respect the national guard wanted to bring to Catalan people when they rode in from all across Spain to punish and repress this province with fantasies of emancipation. We saw Nazis from across spain, posting on social media in their home towns and waving their flag and singing that one song they all know from some kind of tourist ad for Spain. ( Did the Catalan right wing argue with the Spanish right wing and they just couldn't co-habit any longer the space where you divide up all the riches? ) Those police came dressed in their black gear, allowed by the state to beat people of all kinds - including if in old age or children, or to use that kind of violence that you dish out when you think people just aren't worthy of any respect. I wonder if the national police have debates as to whether people in the repressed provinces are actually human or not. From around 9am this morning, national police descended on the unarmed civilian population attemptin