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Bristol's Budget Conversation and Town Hall BEPs

In case you are from Bristol and haven't noticed, there's currently a "big debate" being held over at in the comments area . Basically, the city council are asking the public how to cut the huge sums of money that they will have to do without anyway from very soon. There are lots of reasons why this is flawed. As one commenter posted, "This “consultation” is a pointless exercise without access to a clear summary of what is for the chop and doing it on the internet just encourages the lunatics. Are there any plans for proper town hall style meetings? Or is this just a sham?"  But still, I thought I'd publicise it, even if it's a sham, in case somehow it can get a bit closer to becoming an actual debate and taking of responsibility by all parties. So how do you sift through all these comments and start to extract something resembling usefulness from it all? And how can the public actually get the