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How to start a democratic confederacy in your area

With Trump giving the OK for turkey to invade Rojava, the autonomous area of northern syria, I felt the need that people read about Murray Bookchin, Abdullah Ocalan and Janet Biehl and about the experience of the Rojava revolution and just how inspiring it is. It's as if these sexist autocrats found themselves incapable or unwilling to stop IS, and instead got this ecofeminist autonomous force to just keep going, because they were already the most effective fighters against them. So now that the threat has been cleared, and the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria  is at peace, with all those amazing people who actually resisted ISIS and won, the US is withdrawing it's presence and support so that Turkey can invade and ethnically cleanse them. I thought about how it might go, knowing that Turkey is at risk of further recession as is Europe, and how powerless war can be, especially when it is never mentioned that the people who Trump and Erdogan are occupying an