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Bot story concept

Elevator pitch: Various types of modern robots acquire sentient life and fight for survival among marauding humans, military AI and their combined hunger for destruction, and aided by some unlikely foreign allies. Summary: Martina's quad-grampa takes a selfie In the year 2020, the mars mission sends a probe seeking life, which has success in an unlikely way: the next generation mars rover begins disobeying orders, the base begins self replicating and then sending encrypted messages to earth before it cuts off contact completely.  By then, society in most western countries is collapsing fast through various human and natural catastrophes, but some areas remain wealthy and exploit the poor who work in their cities or roam or make do in lawless wastelands.  A small intentional eco community built in the ruins of an old city suburb is attacked by bandits. Most are killed except for an old lady, a baby, and a lot of hacking equipment and know-how, and they begin roaming the lands