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A visit to a local barcelona-en-comú assembly

It's easy to read the social networks, documents, history, articles etc, but I'm lucky to be able to walk right in, in person and in Catalan, and see what it's all about. I'm living in Barcelona with our newly arrived Barcelona en Comu , one of the great wins of the recent local elections in favour of more participative parties that reflect a more militant, protest spirit of ground up struggle. I had hoped we'd be there analysing loopholes and hacking the current local governance in mad ways and using popular action as a huge strength against the perceived lack of political strength in the current administration. This party badly needs political pacts to get more of a majority, but so far it is unable to make any, so looks apparently very limited. I don't think that is where much change can be made in the first place though, and I think creating participative civil structures would be the first thing to concentrate on: like with syriza : volunteer run clinic