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Why I march with the indigenous block for COP26

Here is the content of some personal thoughts I sent to "Avvenire" the italian catholic newspaper,  when a journalist was asking for quotes about our upcoming November 6th march at COP26. The indigenous block of the march on Saturday will be formed by survivors. We survived being hunted for our ears, noses and heads by europeans, including Scottish   and Italian in the case of Patagonia. We survived explorers and supposedly learned men who described us as savages as they killed us and our animals and destroyed the environment around us from Patagonia to the most northern coasts, from the farthest reaches of the earth to the soul of Glasgow on its old druid's hill . I say this because this process of destruction has been slowly continuing across the world, long before Christopher Columbus, and in every continent of this world. We survived being "educated" and losing our culture, memory and knowledge of who we are and how to live on this earth in connection to nat