My name is Ale Fernandez. I live in Barcelona, Spain and I'm Chilean and Italian.
I am a web developer, artist and technical researcher.
I've lived in Scotland, Italy, Spain and England and career-wise I am interested in distributed systems and their applications to improvised performance and ecology.



Freedom and Responsibility - a song for

A lot of talk around the internet about the censorship problem. A few thoughts: It just occurred to me that from a buddhist point of view, no-one can rightly say "We are not evil" - like a lot of these new copyleftish companies are doing. No one is intrinsically good and unable to do something bad. We all have all those things. But saying "do no evil" is a bit of a christian or at least western block in morality - as if evil was something you were always conscious of. We are living under a lot of different prejudices at any one time: a colleague of mine who grew up under apartheid in south africa never knew that it was wrong until she visited the UK and found people mixing between races.

Our weapon against this is taking responsibility and confronting these prejudices when they become apparent, but crucially making sure they can be apparent. Also, value systems in buddhism are dictated from above, and no-one but yourself can say if you are evil or not. So I'd like to see Google blog about it's feelings - I mean the employees, the people who took this decision, who agree, who don't. Let's see some of their humanity emerge. And I'd like to see Chinese people deal with their society in their own ways. It could be that they find completely different things wrong with their country - who are we to say...

1 in every 4 people though are Chinese, and I'm a living example of that - my grandfather was supposedly a castaway chinese orphan. My dad visited Beijing once and loved it. I've adopted a religion which would never be what it is if it hadn't passed through and gained the Chinese wisdom of Tien-Tai Buddhism and their view of the sutras.

So here's a song, based on the idea that the Tienanmen protest students apparently sang this in the last days in the square. Which is something that's not reported by western media - now who's censoring! It's a bit illegal as it's done from samples of L'Internazionale which I found on a quick search. Please if you link to it, use the words freedom, mandarin, responsibility, students, anything that won't be censored by I also want to make a T-Shirt with the tank man on it, with simple words in Chinese that can't be avoided... Let's make it impossible for google to censor everything, impossible for China not to confront it's past as Chile has had to do with the evident international understanding that Pinochet is a criminal and what happened during his rule is something that can't be pushed under the carpet. But I hope they will confront it their own way, and grow into an internationally respected yet unique country.

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Bluetooth art

Wireless Application Programming with J2ME and Bluetooth

Ok so it's possible to make bluetooth stuff I think with java, that you then load on your phone and can use to go around doing damage to other people's phones -

But this is sooo unimaginative. Here is a braindump of ideas - the end idea being of being able to use this stuff for arts:

  1. For ages I imagined a way of talking that was like extended quick bluejacking. I thought I'd use it to find things out without talking to anyone - it would be about quickly noting metadata to do with a place or time or day, and sharing only that, automatically. It would be all about the social side of it - how much do you feel comfortable sharing with strangers, and how do you create social contact in spaces where that never happens? The interface should be simple and people should want to do it. Here's a similar thing

  2. Another network idea could be a p2p file system that ran over bluetooth, installed itself on your phone, you set the size you are happy allocating to share, and then you can search and retrieve. This would be okay for phones that had mp3s in them... No one could catch you!

  3. Next of course is a system for controlling at the same time something wider than your own network can see... so you don't have to see all the people who can see each other in order to access their phone or whatever... If you could do this, you could do a mass event where you were sending to everyone. So one application could be something like a stadium gig, and while you are there you can send people mp3s of bits of the gig etc. Or you could do what's insinuated by some of the pages you can quickly find online about bluetooth hacking - that you could infiltrate something and subversively steal everyone's phone number, or their contacts lists, or send them something like an image set forcibly as background on their display. Can imagine many reasons for doing this, but social or consumer pranks seem the most innocently fun...

  4. A very simple experiment would be a bluetooth virus - a bit of a proof of concept: it would load itself onto the phone without any hacking at all. It would send a message saying "the friendly virus load me please" and if typing a pin, it would load itself. It would then, until deleted try and access all phones in the range and do the same. It could be "help me send a message to kevin bacon" and a race against time to see who could do it in 5 moves...

  5. Finally the idea is to give people a simple chat system which is completely distributed, like NNTP newsgroups - so each person's software is a bit of a distributed app which is as big and powerful and fast as it is connected by all these phones and machines... A user would be able to type things and they would appear across the top of the screen. If on a computer it would show up as an API you could import into anything else. SO for example at the cube we could have a screen and project the contents of everyone's bluetooth chats, but they would all be asked to contribute suggestions, and these would be filtered and edited by the person on the computer that sends to the big screen. So they would be the main editors of the directing (so it could be coded signals as in louder softer faster slower for the orchestra to play) but the idea is to get the audience to be directly guiding the music....


Receta de arroz con carne molida...

Cebolla 1/4, aji un poquito. comino.

250 gramos de carne

arevejas, zanahorias, papas se hace un fritito con todo eso no mucho aceite

luego se pone el arroz

y el agua hervida un poco mas que lo normal para hacer arroz. Y ahi esta'!

Death of Derek and Vocals thru the post

this is not the file I am looking for...I know its around the studio
somewhere...but the Last Rose of Summer is a great song.... Jaff!

Message from Jaff, from ccMixter - Here are some thoughts as I listen to the files as they come through. This is a collaboration with some singer I've never met, whose brother posted samples of her voice which I used in a track.

Planning to do some mixing of "Last Rose" - hoping it's their own composition! I imagine a crazed improv noise madness session playing behind it...

I love soprano voices...

Sorry to see Derek Bailey go. He was in Barcelona, where I once thought I'd return to start loads of impro stuff. We have to be a new generation with this stuff. Mr Bailey had already improvised with and anything and anyone that took his fancy, we have to take this stuff now and use it in our work, taking it to a whole new level. We can mix his and his contemporaries' theories on chance meetings and unpreparedness, his approach to effects in an acoustic context, his somehow useless yet fascinatingly mathematical musical abstract surface. We can develop on ways of creating chance meetings and chance creative methods - stepping outside the realms of musical performance and of the technology and organisational theory available at this time, and use what who knows will come in future.

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