My name is Ale Fernandez. I live in Barcelona, Spain and I'm Chilean and Italian.
I am a web developer, artist and technical researcher.
I've lived in Scotland, Italy, Spain and England and career-wise I am interested in distributed systems and their applications to improvised performance and ecology.



Journey of the mouse

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De Jorge Cárdenas -, CC BY 2.0

Once upon a time there was a mouse who wanted to take care of a valley he had found. One day a fox turned up and said it was his valley.

"So be gone with you" said the fox, because he wanted to build houses for the humans who lived in the mountains.

The mouse walked up past the humans and their animals, past the highest peaks and on towards a temple so grand and majestic that a stairway to enter it disappeared into a cloud on which the shining temple sat.

In a huge waiting room the mouse sat for hours, then days, then weeks. Soon he could feel himself grow tired and ill from the light and lack of food. He asked a passing condor to send news to the valley of his illness.

The king of the sun looked up from his work, planning the most ambitious constructions with all the cleverest humans. He said:

"I really appreciate your issue but we can't help you. If we made an exception for you we would have to make it for everyone. Thanks for your time."

But phaxi the queen of the moon said to inti the sun king.

"We have to help her. She just wants to take care of the valley.." for the sick mouse's daughter had taken up the quest.

"We will work on it" said the sun king "and we will be in touch."

She then went all the way back down to the earth. And she kept on going, down into the darkest cave swimming down the deepest underground streams. Until she came to the great cave of mother earth.

She walked past the dancers and healers and the great feasts and halls with the most amazing festival and meeting of people's and animals. In the middle of the enormous cave with all her sisters was pachamama, mother of all creatures alive. She was so complex that every time you looked at her she was different.

The queen spoke:

"Little mouse, we can make the earth tremble and spout fire and water so that the fox cannot build on the valley that you defend. This valley will be a flag to unite all beings against the machinations of man."

But the mouse knew that a great many beings already lived in that valley and if it were to spout fire and water it would be very difficult for anyone to live there.

Luckily, Phaxi luna chimed in:

"You are always fighting the sun god, and can't even walk the earth at the same time as he. I am getting so tired of you both, and you never tell me anything".

The mouse replied:

"Dear Pachamama, queen of the earth and all life, the valley I love is not mine to mistreat, only to defend. I have vowed to protect it from all danger, and not to make it into a flag". She continued "While my father is sick at home, I have come all this way to seek your help. I did not know that you needed mine. You need to see that although you hate the sun king, and he seems to think little of you, there is one here who loves you both. Can't you see that she is the one who has been secretly bringing harmony between night and day, earth and sky all this time?"

The earth mother looked accusingly at Phaxi Luna.

"Is this true?" She asked.

The queen of the moon looked down sadly but then grew in resolve and answered -

"Yes Pachamama, I only wish for the day and night to be happy again, even if it means I won't see you both so much. I love you and the sun god with all my heart, and I can see what this world would become if only you could also feel that love again."

When they looked up again, Pachamama the earth mother was gone. The great cave under the earth was in turmoil as the dancers, healers, sages and party people realised their great goddess was no longer with them. The mouse said to Luna:

"I'm so sorry if I caused you trouble dear moon."

But Phaxi luna smiled and replied

"Don't worry little mouse. Any trouble you see had been there since long ago. Now at least it's out, and I think we will be okay. Go home to your valley, and I will make sure you are all protected from the fox and his plans."

The little mouse travelled up, back to her valley and to her sick father. When she arrived the whole valley was in darkness. There was no moon, no stars, no wind and no sun, but in the middle of the valley the fox sat gloating.

Lycalopex culpaeus Bolivia

"When the sun returns I will bring my machines and destroy all this nonsense, to make way for my impeccable buildings."

"But don't worry little mouse. I am not evicting you or your little friends. You are welcome to stay and work in the valley for a modest rent once the building is complete."

That morning the mouse family was ready to leave with all their belongings and the little mouse wouldn't leave. She said

"That's it. I've had enough. I've spent most of my life trying to defend this land and I am not going to stop today."

She walked in front of the angry machines that were gathered there to destroy the trees and plants and make the land into a desert so they could build on it. She walked right in front and stood there defiantly.

As the sun came up over the horizon the fox gave the order and the machines trundled forward.

Just then the sky filled with clouds and lighting struck right in the path of the machines, and hit the mouse and the fox, who was in the biggest most destructive machine. The land rumbled and the earth parted and the machines began speeding away to avoid being sucked in, and then the river tide rose and watered all the cracks in the ground which became lakes. When the other animals in the forest heard about the lakes they journeyed over to see for themselves.

In the middle of the valley there was now a lake. In the middle of the lake there was a house, and in the middle of the house sat a golden mouse and a silver fox, who were known around the world as the wisest of all healers. The sun, moon and earth all seemed to make offerings to them bestowing the valley with the most wonderful flowers and animals, grateful for ever for showing them what they themselves wouldn't see, and for bringing back balance between the earth, the skies and the mountains.

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